Quavo Claps Back at Chris Brown with a Fiery Response Track

The feud between Chris Brown and Quavo has escalated as Quavo fires back with his latest track, “Over H*es & Bi**hes,” a direct retort to Brown’s recent diss, “Weakest Link.” Released on YouTube this Monday, Quavo’s song quickly stirs the pot with cover art that intensifies their bitter exchange, showing a photoshopped image of Quavo in a dominant pose over Brown.

The track unfolds with Quavo expressing astonishment over Brown’s lingering bitterness about a past relationship with Karrueche Tran. He criticizes Brown’s controversial actions and decisions, particularly referencing Brown’s infamous 2009 incident with Rihanna. Quavo doesn’t hold back, accusing Brown of jeopardizing his own career and challenging his demeanor at public events.

Quavo also touches on personal and sensitive events involving Brown, including a home invasion and his altercation with Frank Ocean, using these references to question Brown’s character. He further mocks Brown by comparing him unfavorably to Michael Jackson, calling out alleged drug use and taunting him to back up his tough persona.

The track concludes with a poignant reminder of the late Takeoff, Quavo’s fellow Migos member, adding emotional weight to his words. This musical clash showcases the intense and personal layers of disputes in the hip-hop community, with both artists holding nothing back in their lyrical showdown.

Photo Credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com