Charlotte Tilbury Debuts 6 “Emotion Boosting” Fragrances

Listen up, darlings: Charlotte Tilbury is expanding her beauty empire into fragrance. As Fashionista reports, the brand’s debut perfume line features six scents formulated with “emotion-boosting molecules” designed to supposedly evoke specific feelings of sex, love, happiness, energy, calm and empowerment within the wearer.

“My fragrances are for everyone and are the result of harnessing the expertise of world-renowned perfumers — some of the best noses in the world — cutting-edge technology, science, 40 years of research and the most extraordinary olfactive symphony of ingredients to create my most innovative fragrance collection ever,” Tilbury told Fashionista in an interview.

How, exactly, does the emotional component of these scents work? Sure, a fragrance can sensorially transport its wearer to a field of flowers or the salty oceanside — but what does it entail to evoke calm, energy or sex olfactorily? Crafted in collaboration with Master Perfumers Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion as well as VP Perfumer Juliette Karagueuzoglou, Charlotte Tilbury’s scent lineup taps into the IFF’s science and research to simultaneously target and enhance particular emotions.

To create each blend, the team utilized the IFF’s Scentcube technology, an artificial intelligence algorithm that analyzes ingredients data and “gives perfumers innovative ingredient combinations known to enhance specific emotions,” IFF’s Senior Consumer Science Manager Céline Manetta explains.

“For this collection, we tested the ingredients to understand which part of the conscious and unconscious brain was activated when smelling — each part having a link to a specific emotion,” Manetta says. “We measure the emotional power of ingredients by understanding the specific response they can have on us, and we identify which emotions they can enhance.”

Ranging in price from $150 for 100mL, $25 for 10mL and $30 for the discovery set of six 1.5mL bottles, each scent was tested in clinical trials that purportedly found more than 80% of respondents agreed the individual fragrances enhanced feelings of seduction, love, happiness, energy, calm and empowerment. In fact, Manetta says the fragrance’s benefit can be felt right after a single spritz: “The second the consumer wears it, the magic happens.”

Each of the scents tell a different emotion-boosting story: More Sex is a seductive mix of juniper berry, leather accord and musks; Love Frequency is a romantic swirl of rose, pink pepper and cashmere wood; and Joyphoria invokes happiness with a neroli oil top note, vanilla bean extract base note and ylang ylang heart note. Magic Energy targets — you guessed it — energy through palo santo, cypress oil and bergamot. In Tilbury’s own words: “Whenever I wear it, my aura feels cleansed, I feel connected, I feel reawakened — darling, it’s energy in a bottle.”

Calm Bliss aims to soothe and relax with lavandin, pure white musks and watery accord, while Cosmic Power champions empowerment with a confident concoction of black pepper oil, frankincense and amber. “For each fragrance we were inspired by Charlotte herself, she had a very precise vision in mind regarding this new collection,” Flipo says. “It was all about emotional connections and creating fragrances to enhance feelings with a touch of magic.”

Ahead of the fragrances’ launch on the Charlotte Tilbury app on April 30 and on on May 2, sign up for the waitlist here.

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