It’s All Peaches and Cream on National Peaches ‘n’ Cream Day!

June is National Dairy Month, as well as National Fruits & Veggies Month, so why not combine the two and have yourself some fresh peaches and ice cream? Observed annually on June 21st, National Peaches ‘n’ Cream Day recognizes a sweet way to eat ripened peaches. It’s also a perfect way to begin and end the summer solstice.

Peaches’ n’ Cream is a simple, traditional, and delicious summertime dessert. Of course, the Georgia peach is in season during the month of June, as are those grown in Florida, California, and South Carolina. Make some homemade vanilla ice cream to sweeten the deal, and your peaches’ n’ cream will be all the cooler. Almost any seasonal fruit goes well with chilled cream, and peaches are no exception. The sweetness of the fruit combines with the silkiness of the cream for a refreshing summer treat. It’s so delicious, you’ll find yourself coming back for seconds… and thirds!

With peaches just coming into season, it’s a good time to keep an eye out for them. Generally speaking, there are two types of peaches – freestone and clingstone. The flesh determines the kind of peach. How the flesh comes away from the stone or the pit in the middle of the peach gives it the name. When the meat comes away freely from the stone, the peach is a freestone peach; if the flesh clings to the peach, it’s a clingstone.

Did you know…?

Doctors theorize that the infamous Typhoid Mary may have spread the bacteria that infected multiple households (and resulted in several deaths) where she worked as a cook from 1900-1907, through cut up raw peaches in frozen ice cream. So, wash those hands vigorously!

All this peach talk got you craving some? Try your hand at one of these 50 peachy keen recipes from Southern Living magazine!

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