Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Face Off in Court Over ‘Magic Mike’ Earnings Amid Divorce Proceedings

Despite parting ways and being legally declared single in 2019, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have re-entered the spotlight with unresolved financial disputes from their divorce, particularly surrounding the earnings from the ‘Magic Mike’ franchise. The ex-couple, who are both 43 and engaged to others, find themselves embroiled in a legal battle over the division of profits stemming from the success Tatum enjoyed with ‘Magic Mike,’ a project launched during their marriage.

The ‘Magic Mike’ series, which began with Tatum’s breakout film in 2012, expanded into sequels, a reality TV spin-off, and a live stage show in Las Vegas, generating substantial revenue post their separation in April 2018. According to legal experts, the timing of these ventures has created a complex situation. “The core issue here is the determination of what constitutes community versus separate property for earnings accumulated from the ‘Magic Mike’ franchise after their separation,” explains celebrity divorce lawyer Peter Walzer.

Court documents suggest that Dewan played a significant financial role in the initial stages of the ‘Magic Mike’ project, arguing her stake in the earnings. As the case unfolds, both Tatum and Dewan have requested the other’s testimony, potentially setting the stage for a contentious courtroom drama over the division of these substantial assets.

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