All Girls Youth Hockey Group is Showing the Way of Girl Power

26 U-10 and younger girls hockey players have joined up and are playing together on all girls teams for Peoria Youth Hockey, something that the girls themselves absolutely love. Layne Martin, Peoria Youth Hockey coach stated, “The kids love it, It is great for our organization and it’s great for the game of hockey.”

For many hockey fans, seeing the swarm of pink helmets on the ice at Carver Arena in Peoria, Illinois is a much welcomed sight. Peoria Rivermen head coach Jean-Guy Trudel commented on the program saying, “Anybody that loves the sport it’s outstanding, especially girls putting themselves out there, playing against boys cause as the younger level when you play in Central Illinois a lot of times you’re going to play with boys Just the hardship that comes with playing with boys all the time and being strong enough to preserve and character to do whatever it takes is absolutely phenomenal.”

Meanwhile, participants such as Kaylynn Schrock added, “It’s fun because you can talk to them about and it’s just fun because they’re all girls and not just boys,” With another girl, Maeve martin saying, “The girls can be faster and outsmart the boys ‘cause we’ve gotten more goals on a Pekin team ‘cause we outsmarted them.”

As the sport of Ice Hockey continues to grow, these girls are inspiring future generations of girls with their tough Ice Hockey play.

Eugene Onischenko /